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May 1st Fishing Report

1. We finally got a warming trend and the winds have let up some. Consistent catching requires being flexible.

2. With bass in all phases of the spawn successful anglers have to stay on top of daily transitions. Bass are starting to move out of shallows on upper end and starting to feed on shad

3. Big bass on the mid lake to dam are still spawning on main lake structure and biting best on the windy banks. 4

. Big swimbaits and large topwaters are the main lures to try at this time. Smash -Tech swimbaits, Whopper Plopper and spook type baits working good.

5. On calm days or days after mild fronts you need to be fishing drop shot rigs, Neko Rigs and Carolina Rigs using a very slow presentation. Water melon reds, green pumpkin and tomato red are good colors

6. We had a big group trip this week hosted by guide Brian Duplechain and big bass award was given to customer catching largest fish of the day. All three days the big bass were caught on a similar lure. An old school black buzzbait!

7. This buzz bait is sold by Rowdy Buzz Lures and can be bought or ordered from Lake Fork Marina. The hot one on Fork has been the gold bladed black buzz bait with a Zoom horny toad trailer.

8. What makes this one so productive on big fish is the blade strikes the lead head making a loud clacking sound which drive the big bass crazy. A good 6/0 hook and quality components make this a truly big bass lure.

9. The full moon earlier this week has pushed the last spawners on beds and the best areas are main lake coves on the South end of Fork.

10. Time to get on the water early to catch the early morning shad spawn bite then put on a big swim bait, big topwater like a spook and a big Rowdy Buzzbait and catch some big ones.

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