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Lake Fork Report-April 16


April 16th Fishing Report

The long awaited major wave of spawners has finally moved into shallow water. Water level is less than a foot of pool level and water temperatures range from 62°-70°. Water continues to be heavily stained with some clearing on South end of lake. Many big bass are being caught daily but numbers are down due to high winds and murky shallow water. Big swim bait bite is on fire.

Largemouth Bass on LAKE FORK

Notes from Johnny

  1. The delayed wave of a major spawn has finally arrived. New Bass are showing up daily in the shallows. We are starting to see some bass already spawned out in the upper creek areas.

  2. Mid lake to the dam is where the best spawn is happening now. Water clarity is improving and you can sight fish bass on beds in some areas.

  3. Lake Fork supports more guide business than any other lake in Texas and we have some excellent guides. Usually when the pattern changes, some guide figures them out first and starts catching the big ones.

  4. Guide Lee Livesay has been on a tear lately with big bass catches almost every day. Lee's boat has produced several best 5 fish catches that weigh over 40 lbs lately.

  5. Livesay has been targeting a little deeper water than most of us and looking for pre-spawners that have not moved in to spawn.

  6. He is catching them best on large swimbaits like 8" Huddlesons as well as 3.16 swimbaits on main lake points and shell beds on windy days. Chartreuse square bills are also catching big fish.

  7. Lee is also using a heavy Carolina Rig with a V&M J-Bug trailers. Best colors are watermelon red.

  8. The big bass are feeding on big gizzard Shad so be sure to use a shad colored swim-bait on sunny days and solid white works good on cloudy days.

  9. The spawn should last for several weeks and then we will be looking for bass feeding up on the shad spawn.

  10. Top water baits like the Whopper Plopper and Spook type baits will be the ticket soon

Fish are biting great. Get out there and catch you some big ones!

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