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Lake Fork Fishing Report-May 17th

1. Consistent fishing is finally here for Lake Fork. Winds have settled down and black bass are starting to fatten back up after the spawn.

2. Early morning bite is good on just about any kind of topwater. Zara Spooks, Yellow Magic, Buzzbaits, Whopper Ploppers are producing bass each morning.

3. Best areas are mainlake points to south end of lake but still a good frog bite happening in shallows with grass. Bream are bedding and a hot bream bed is a good place to catch a big bass.

4. Good friend and guide Brian Duplechain is having consistent catches and his customers are enjoying excellent top water bite.

5. On calm mornings the bite can be slower but a drop shot and Neko Rig will produce good fish. Look for bait fish in shallow water and bass will be close by.

6. Afternoon bite is improving and the football jig is starting to produce some big bass as bass start to gang up on structure.

7. As bass move out of shallows they show up on long points, road beds, and pond dams. When you catch one there are usually many more of similar size on the same structure.

8. This is my favorite time period to catch big bass. From now until late summer big schools of trophy size bass gang up and move onto to structure to feed at certain times of the day.

9. I look for big schools of white bass feeding on long points and usually catch big bass after the whites move on. Big bass are feeding on shad and bluegills so any imitation or the real thing will work great.

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