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Fishing Report-April 5, 2018


APRIL 5, 2018


Lake Fork-

The largest wave of the spawn is happening right now. The shallows are full of bass, crappie, catfish and bream. Bass fishing is fantastic right now with most bass still being caught on soft plastics but the swim bait bite is about to get started. Target main lake coves and stay in 6' of water or less.

Lake Tawakoni

The trophy bluecat bite is winding down but there are still big ones being caught in shallow timber areas in the North and West arms of the lake. Channel catfish are biting on cut Shad and dip bait.

Lake of the Pines

The bass and crappie are the main attractions this month. Both species are in all phases of the spawn. The upper end above the bridge is best for bass. Time for frog fishing in the lily pads.

SPECIES 1 –Largemouth bass on Lake ForK

  1. Best start for big bass since 2013 with 3 Sharelunker over 13 lbs.

  2. Fork received plenty of rain and lake is full and in great shape

  3. Some spawning happened in early March but major wave if happening now.

  4. Water temperatures ranging from mid 60's to 70°. Full moon on April 1st has triggered major spawn. Bass are on the beds,

  5. Best lures are soft plastics like flukes, senkos and lizards either weightless or on a Carolina rig. Chatter baits and spinnerbaits working good on windy days

  6. Water is heavily stained but clearer midlake to the dam in coves with no creeks. Some sight fishing but not as much as usual due to water clarity

  7. Major creek areas-Glade, Birch, and Little Caney are all producing quality bass.

  8. Fishing pressure is heavy so plan your lodging early.

  9. Be careful where you run on Fork.major boat lanes have buoys but best to idle through the timbered area. Many underwater stumps right under the surface.

  10. For the best chance to catch really big bass focus on main lake points to catch both pre-spawn and post spawn bass coming and going.

SPECIES 2 -Trophy Blue Catfish on Lake Tawakoni

  1. March & April are great months for catfishing on Tawakoni. Giant trophy catfish are caught each year using cut bait such as shad, carp, or drum.

  2. Look for timbered areas on the western and northern area of the lake where thousands of comorants roost. The catfish forage these areas and good limits of channel catfish and some giant blue cats are present.

  3. Use very heavy tackle for the Trophy Blues. Big rods, 65# braid or more and big hooks. Bites can be soft or very aggressive so be sure rods are secure

  4. Trophy catfish are special-protect the resource by releasing the large blues and only harvesting the better eating smaller ones and channel cats.

SPECIES 3 –Crappie Spawn on Lake of the Pines

  1. Lake of the Pines has produced the best crappie action in 2018 and the shallow water spawn is in full swing all over the lake.

  2. Focus efforts in very shallow area which have some vegetation. Usually when you catch one crappie at this time of year many more are nearby.

  3. Best tackle to use is ultra lite spinning, light line, and a slip cork

  4. Crappie make the best table fare and a dinner of fried crappie is hard to beat. Keep what you need and throw the smaller ones back.

  5. The Crappie bite is also great on Tawakoni & Fork.

Fish are biting great. Get out there and catch you some big ones!

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