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April 26, 2018 Fishing Report

1. Cooler than normal April has delayed the spawn. 2. Still plenty of pre spawners being caught on lower end of the lake 3. Upper creek areas are producing good frog fishing.  Glade creek, Birch Creek and Oil Well bay have milfoil and are good spots to fish hollow body frogs and buzz Baits.   Some bass still guarding fry in these areas. 4. On windy days the bite is best for swim baits.  Chatterbaits, square bills and Carolina rigged plastics necessary in high winds. 5. The next full moon should trigger the last and largest wave of spawners.  This along with the shad spawn should produce outstanding bass fishing. 6. April has been a very tough month on Fork but with warmer weather and more stable winds we should see much more action this next week 7. HOT swim baits on Lake Fork.  Local lure manufacturer, Heath Taylor  has produced an excellent soft swim bait line called Smashtech Lures.  Last several years my favorite swim bait had been  Basstrix but the new Smashtech hollow body is working great and seems to be much more durable.  Use an 8/0 Owner Beast hook for best results.   8. Tip- study prior years of Google Earth to locate the main lake points and then put weigh points on the end of the points.

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