Yesterday end the 2016-17 duck season and we enjoyed one of most successful seasons ever. The farmer on our lease planted several rice fields and this held the ducks in our area. I enjoyed many beautiful sunrises and watched the changing seasons and weather and enjoyed the migration of ducks and geese through our area. Time now to get serious about catching big bass on Lake Fork. I am loving this retirement!


Big bass are on the prowl. With water temperatures warming into high 50′s on sunny afternoons, the big girls are starting to roam. We caught 13 yesterday on Brovarny swim jigs and Skinny Dippers.

First Big One for 2015

While I have been mainly focusing on the hot White Bass bite in deep water, this 8.64 largemouth bit a 4″ Gulp Alive Minnow in 25′. Lake Fork can produce some very large bass at any time just have to keep your hook in the water!

Lake Fork sustained low water levels in 2014 and this year starts out 7 feet low. The water clarity is good and the water temperature has ranged around 43-45° in January and February brought a brief warming trends and some area warmed up to 58°

Lake Fork bass fishing is starting out slower this year due to not much vegetation growing in major spawning coves. We still have some good hydrilla growing out to 5-8′ on the North side of Big Caney from highway 154 to Alligator cove.

Some bass are showing up in 3-5′ in the backs of creeks but most bass are still out deep over 25′ and feeding on shad. The best bite going at this time is on huge White Bass in 45-60′. We are catching easy limits using 4″ Gulp Alive Minnows with a dead stick retrieve.

I am expecting a very good year for Fork and looking forward to helping many more clients catch their largest bass ever. Let’s go CATCHING!



With the weather stabilizing and the spawn finishing up, the big bass are finally moving out to deep structure. Each day more and more bass are bunching up and chomping on shad and bream. This is my favorite time of year. Most trips produce 20 or more bass each day that average close to six pounds each. This is a great time to fish Lake Fork and catch your personal best. June and July guide trips can produce daily five fish limits that weigh 30 lbs. book your trip now and enjoy a great catching day on the best lake in the U.S.

imageimageWow! The Texas Toyota Bass Classic just concluded and the best 50 pro anglers from Bass Elites, FLW, and PAA got to experience a few special days on Lake Fork. The spawn is winding down and the big bass are ganging up on deep structure. Almost every pro angler caught their largest tournament stringer ever and some did it all three days. Texan Keith Combs won the event for the 3rd time with a whopping 3 day total of 110 pounds for 15 bass. He also caught the largest bass over ten pounds, the largest one day weight and then closed out the event with the largest stringer on the final day. Over the 3-day event, 538 Lake Fork lunker largemouth bass with an average weight of 5.02 pounds apiece were caught-and-released and counted as the biggest 5 per day for the 50 TTBC contenders.

Some people have thought Fork was on the decline but obviously the bass are in great shape and this pond is as special as ever. This time of year is my favorite big bass time of year and I will be targeting large schools of bass on deep structure from now until end of summer. Daily catches of 15-20 bass per day averaging six pounds is common. The bream are bedding up and I will be feeding the bass every day. My Ranger 2310 Bay boat is comfortable to fish out of and can accommodate up to six fishermen. Now is a great time to book an exciting big bass trip on the best lake in the WORLD! Let’s go catching!

As the spawn winds down many of the bass that spawned first are now ready to fatten back up and this time of year is excellent for working top water lures. My favorites are frogs, spooks, and chugger type baits such as a Yellow Magic. Nothing is more exciting than seeing a big bass explode on your topwater lure.

Lake Fork has risen a almost a foot the past few months and we are now seeing some shoreline grass and weeds emerge. Many of the spawning areas have some “slop” around the banks. This is where the frog shines best. Throw a hollow body frog as close to land as possible and work it through the thickest slimy green weeds and trash you can find. Watch for any movement in the water and work the frog over these areas. Vary retrieves until you find what the bass want.

I am also throwing large swim baits on windy points and also square bills work great too. The shad should spawn soon so watch for birds on the points and watch fir big bass feeding on shad. This is a great time to be on Lake Fork!

imageimageimageimageLooks like Spring has finally sprung! Trees are greening up and dogwoods are blooming. Lake Fork bass are in all stages of spawn. Some are finishing up in the back ends of creeks, some are on beds and some have yet to move to shallows to spawn. I have enjoyed a solid week of big fish bites each day. Thirteen different customers caught their largest bass ever this week. I always ask what is your largest bass and then work hard to beat that record.

Lake Fork seems to be several weeks behind on the spawn this year due to cold fronts and cold nights. Water temps are finally getting into the 60° and the full moon next week should push more bass to the banks. Business has been good and I love my job! Let’s go catching!

Where else can someone who has never caught a fish before catch a bass of a lifetime on their first cast? Christi Trevett and friend Josh Rau joined me today for another great day of catching! Christi booked the trip for Josh’s birthday but she did not plan to fish. Josh said she didn’t want to buy a license since she had never fished before and didn’t know how. So I insisted she fish and I bought her a one day license. Josh laughed and said she would probably catch the largest bass. Well, she did just that on her first cast of the day. Took her one minute into the trip to catch this 9lb. 4oz bass. Josh and Christi landed some good ones today and looks like the spawn is in full force and should be more consistent from now on. The water temp is over 60° and should stay stable for a while.

Fork on the horizon and Lubbock in my rear view mirror
Jarod Standlee took this picture and standing left to right, Payton Elliott, Hunter Jackson, JG, Cade Standlee, and Grant Sandercox.image
The fish were slow to bite Thursday and Friday but this team grinded it out and everyone caught fish. Grant blanked on Thursday but came back strong Friday with his best fish ever at 8 lb. 12 oz. image
We used Black Saltys to catch 12-15 fish each day and also ended up with 10 big slab crappie the last hour on Friday.image
I think everyone had a great time and I’ll bet they come back soon!